tech guide

Cool-X technology

The Cool-X technology recirculates water from a CoolShirt cooler and keeps "perfect-temperature 52-degree water flowing" in order "to keep heat stress low and you focused on your race". A water-cooling system is included in the Formula helmets as well.

Emergency Release System

Our Release Equipped System has been specifically designed, by racers, for racers, keeping your safety our number one priority. In the event of an emergency, this feature enables safety crews to remove your helmet, quickly and easily, without putting any stress on the neck, which could cause serious injuries.

Ear Jack Installation

This video demonstrates step by step how to install a 3.5mm Ear Jack into your ROUX helmet.  The helmet comes pre-wired to make this installation as easy as possible.

CheekPad & Ear Cup Swap

This video demonstrates step by step how to swap out cheek pads and ear cups for a better fit.